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Maceau Law did a fantastic job and we won the case. I highly recommend them over all the attorneys I’ve had over the 50-plus years.
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I am a disabled veteran and they came to my home and took care of my case. That meant a helluva lot to me.

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At Maceau Law (Law Office of Gregory A. Maceau, LLC), our family law, criminal defense, business, personal injury, and divorce lawyers in Colorado Springs can help you with a broad range of personal and business legal issues in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Castle Rock, Woodland Park, and surrounding areas.

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If you’re facing a legal situation, you might be wondering if you can navigate it alone without legal assistance or representation from an attorney. And while you’re privileged in the courts to do so (represent yourself), it’s often not advised as you stand to receive a less than optimal outcome to your case.

Understandably, the time and expense to hire an attorney may be a deterrent. At the same time, the legal system can seem daunting, maybe unfair, or overwhelming. If that is the case, you still owe to yourself to consider all of your options. At Maceau Law, your first consultation with one of our Colorado Springs attorneys is always free and we can do it in-person or over the phone. Whichever you prefer. We’ll be honest and upfront about your case, cost, and time. It costs you nothing but a bit of your time to get invaluable information to help you navigate your case in court.


There are several reasons you should choose us at Maceau Law over other lawyers in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, or Castle Rock area:

REASON 1: We have more than 30 years of experience practicing law in Colorado. We know the judges, the other attorneys, and the nuances of the courts which best assures you’ll receive an optimal outcome in court.

REASON 2: We work for you, not the other way around. While other lawyers might be quick to rush you through your case in order to maximize their profits, not so at Maceau Law. We take the time to pay close attention to the details of your case and listen to you and what you need. We never pressure you into a decision you’re not comfortable with and we take the time to make sure your case is handled properly and thoroughly.


In some cases, it’s imperative to seek legal counsel from an attorney as soon as possible. If you hesitate, you might compromise the outcome of your legal case. For example, if you’re facing a child support situation where your financial situation has changed, you may not be able to collect or recoup support for past years or months.

Fortunately, you can come to Maceau Law for a legal consultation to discuss your case at no cost or obligation. If you come to us right away, we can make sure to take necessary and timely legal action to get you what you deserve.

If you’re worried about retribution from an employer, corporation, or a difficult person, don’t be! At Maceau Law, we’ll make sure that you are protected from ‘bullies’ who might be trying to strong arm you from seeing an attorney. There are very effective protections provided by the law authorities to safeguard your person, loved ones, belongings, and privacy.

So, if you ever have even the slightest legal question … it never hurts or costs you to just give us a call. We have the answers.


If you have a legal case or are wondering if a situation you’re in requires legal help, give us a call at Maceau Law to schedule a free 30-minute legal consultation:

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We can conduct the consultation in-person or over the phone. During your consultation, we’ll ask you questions about the details of your case and discuss with you the likely outcomes. Any information you provide is kept strictly private and protected by attorney-client privilege.

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